We will be opening the Clubs doors on Monday 12th April, it will be a phased return.

Phase 1 – we re-open The Club’s doors on Monday the 12th of April.  The following will open:
• The gym and weights room
• The class room will be available for individual workout stations
• Pool and spa bath will open- with timings still in place 
• Beauty retreat will open for treatments
• Tennis court open  

Phase 2 - will start on Monday 17th May.  The following will open:
• Brook Bar will re-open
• Classes will start again
• Sauna and steam rooms to open

There is NO joining fee until the end of April!

We look forward to welcoming you back. if you need any further assistance please call 01963-828844

Planning Your Visit

If you want to talk about joining The Club in more detail,
please call us on 01963 828844