A good nights sleep

Why is sleep so important?

Sleep is important for various aspects of brain function, including cognition, concentration,
productivity and performance. Studies show that Depression and other Mental Health issues
are linked to sleep deprivation and sleeping disorders.
We all know the things we shouldn’t do before we go to sleep, such as

● Don’t drink caffeine
● Don’t eat a heavy meal
● Not to use our phones/electric devices
● Exercise

But when all is said and done, these rules can not always be applied in our busy lives, so
what do we do?
Try keeping a notebook by the side of your bed, when we do struggle to sleep, more often
than not it’s because we are over thinking and can’t clear our thoughts. Jotting down your
thoughts before you sleep can help you to clear your mind.

Rather than playing a game on your phone or scrolling through social media whilst waiting to
fall asleep, why not read a book instead. This will help to tire you out, think of something
different and there is no exposure to blue light!

Create a sanctuary of calm, turn off any background noises such as music or the TV. Apply
Overnight Hydration Therapy to your face and décolleté, Overnight Hydration Therapy
contains encapsulated lavender, this will help to calm you and encourage you to drift off.
Alternatively why not permanently have a calming aroma in your bedroom, ESPA’S Soothing
Reed Diffuser, which also contains lavender as well as Frankincense and Myrrh,so your
room is always filled with calming aromas to help you get to sleep.

Overall, sleep is great for general well-being and many other factors of mental and physical
health, don’t settle for broken sleep and don’t take a good nights sleep for granted.

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